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Specialised bolt assembly machine : bolting of cylinder head covers

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Automated bolting machine for the assembly of cylinder head covers for the vehicle industry.This bolting station was implemented on a manufacturing line and needed to conform to the productivity and quality requirements stipulated by the constructor.

Requirement / Assembly and control of the operation.

Automated bolting of an engine component (cylinder head cover), with operational checks at the end of the process. Integration of a bolting station on an existing production line.

Solution / An automated 9-spindle bolting machine.

Automated bolting machine for the simultaneous assembly of 9 attachment points. In order to conform to the customer’s productivity and quality constraints, Lormac designed a complete turnkey machine comprising:
  • 1 entirely automated 9 spindle bolting station
  • 1 engine referencing lift
  • 1 master bolting frequency calibration system
  • 1 RFID chip operation counter for part sleds.

The machine’s performance levels /

  • Cycle time of 24 seconds
  • Simultaneous tightening of 9 attachment bolts
  • Checking of 100% of torques and bolting angles

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Lormac’s expertise in the design of custom assembly solutions allowed them to deliver a specialised multi-spindle bolting machine and tools. The simultaneous attachment of 9 bolts provided time savings and increased the productivity of the vehicle constructor’s assembly line.

Specialised assembly machine : bolting of water pumps

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Automated bolting station integrated into a production line with rapid change-out of the production run without operator intervention. The bolting machine is housed in a locked secure enclosure.

Requirement / Automated bolting of a variety of components.

The assembly machine needed to automatically bolt together several types of parts while being perfectly integrated into the existing production line. The major constraints expressed by the client vehicle constructor included flexibility and fast execution of the bolting cycle as well as operator safety.

Solution / A Scara Robot with automated bolting attachment.

In order to satisfy the specifications, Lormac proposed a turnkey solution comprising a bolting unit fed by a blower attached to a Scara multi-axis robot. The combination of a Scara industrial robot with an automated bolting unit provided speed and accuracy in the assembly operation.The robot’s fast speed provided safety during individual bolting operations and kept the line’s cycle time to 18 seconds. One of the strengths of the machine is the fact that bolts are fed into the bolting system on the fly using compressed air, a result of Lormac’s ingenuity. The choice of this technology ensured maximum productivity levels for the bolting machine. Lastly, in order to conform to the requirements for flexibility, the engineers at Lormac implemented a part-holding mask mounted on a pneumatically controlled cart. Thanks to this system changing out production runs can be done automatically.

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In order to guarantee optimal production quality levels, Lormac equipped the assembly machine with a bolt presence detection system which also checks the bolting angle and torque. The bladed bolt distribution tub protects the operator from high noise levels (maximum safety); impacts between components are similarly limited.

Manual bolting assistance station and tools

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Manual assistance station for bolting together an engine component, handling 2 variations. A specialised tool provides excellent bolting accuracy and an ergonomic work station for operators.

Requirement / An assembly aid.

To make the operator’s work easier by providing an ergonomic assistance station improving accuracy and safety during the bolting process.

Solution / A manual bolting assistance installation.

Manual installation fixed to the floor providing assistance with bolting operations:
  • setting up the tightening spindle
  • referencing of components to be bolted on the tool itself

The machine’s performance levels /

  • Ergonomic unit, the effort required by the operator is drastically reduced
  • Guidance of high-precision tools, greater dexterity to reach bolting positions without problems.

Specialised riveting machine : Vacuum pump installation

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Custom riveting machine tailored to the assembly of a vacuum pump valve and seal testing at the end of the process.

Requirement / To assemble and check products.

Riveting and seal testing of a vacuum pump valve.

Solution / A semi-automated riveting machine.

Custom semi-automated riveting machine comprising 2 assembly and control stations :
  • Assembly station with an orbital riveting machine
  • Low pressure seal testing station.

Hydraulic lubrication unit for the steel industry

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Continuous hydraulic lubrication unit with a capacity of 5000 litres for the lubrication of steel rolling mills.

Requirement / Continuous lubrication.

Need for a continuous lubricant distribution solution to ensure the correct operation of production machines.

Solution / Continuous hydraulic lubrication unit.

Design, manufacture and optimisation of a continuous lubrication unit with a high-capacity tank, a dual motorised pump system makes sure the system operates on a continuous basis.

Cooling is achieved by a water/oil exchanger and duplex filtering allows cartridges to be replaced without stopping production.

Characteristics of the hydraulic station /

  • 5000 litre capacity tank
  • 2 x 630 l/min lubricant pumps at 3.5 b.

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Thanks to their expertise in industrial steel working processes, Lormac is aware of the challenges associated with this sector and the performance levels expected from production equipment. Good lubrication is synonymous with ensuring the correct operation of production machines and the quality of manufacturing processes.

Hydraulic power generation unit

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Hydraulic power generation unit designed for opening / closing hydroelectric dam check valves.

Requirement / Hydraulic control hub.

Hydraulic control system for controlling the opening and closing of check valves for a hydroelectric dam.

Solution / Hydraulic generation station.

Study and complete construction for the generation and regulation of hydraulic power including preliminary wiring for all component parts in an electrical cabinet. Tests performed at the factory using a programmable test automation system.

Characteristics of the hydraulic station /

  • 2 x 45 W motorised pumps mounted on a 4500 litre tank
  • Stainless steel pipes TIG welded by qualified personnel.

Aircraft casing positioning control installation

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Custom control installation designed to verify the transfer of utility pipes into the interior of an aircraft casing.The instrument makes sure there is minimum play between the tubes.

Requirement / To control the positioning of components.

The control problems arising in this application required two sets of measurements. The control installation needed to :
  • Make sure there is minimum play of “standard” tubes around theoretical points in space.
  • Allow a tube and elbow to be checked by the same instrument to verify minimum play.

Solution / Specialised control installation.

  • Development and implementation of a specialised control assembly integrating the required devices
  • The custom control installation designed by Lormac focused on the functional and ergonomic aspects of the components to be controlled
  • The instrument needed to be geometrically accurate in order to be able to precisely measure the positioning of the theoretical points

Specialised double punching machine

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Manufacture and optimisation of a hydraulically powered double punching machine for mass production of a new vehicle in the vehicle construction industry.

Requirement / Industrialisation of a production run.

Automation of vehicle component production, preparation of suspension wishbones.

Solution / Specialised double punching machine.

Design of a specialised hydraulically powered double punching machine

The double punching machine’s performance levels/

  • Simultaneous punching of 4 holes in 2 symmetrical parts.
  • Accurate component referencing
  • Expanding hub clamping
  • Feeding of parts at the end of the cycle
  • Recovery of punched waste materials

Further information.

The integration of a standard punching machine at the core of an engineering process illustrates Lormac’s expertise in the design of custom solutions using standard equipment.Lormac’s experience in the design of specialised machines combined with their internal skill sets resulted in a set of custom assembly procedures designed to overcome automation problems associated with production processes.

Specialised double-capacity punch machine

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Design, manufacture and optimisation of a specialised 60 T double-capacity hydraulic punch machine, designed for the preparation of boiler jackets. A hydraulically powered custom assembly machine capable of punching 20 holes simultaneously.

Requirement / Preparation of components before assembly.

Punching sheet metal for boiler jackets before assembly.

Solution / A specialised hydraulic punch.

Delivery of a 60 T double-capacity hydraulically powered punch machine.

The performance of the double-capacity punch machine /

  • High capacity transfer of sheet metal components on roller tables
  • Accurate component referencing
  • Over 20 simultaneous punches performed
  • Recovery of waste materials
  • High flexibility

Steam cleaning unit for food-industry conveyors

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Integration of a standard steam cleaning solution for conveyors using a movable device. With SteamFlex®, the steam cleaning bridge moves in a linear fashion on rails above the conveyor belt.

Requirement / Cleaning of different-sized conveyor belts.

Steam cleaning and disinfection of food transport and conveyor belts of all widths.

Solution / A custom steam cleaning unit.

The design and manufacture of a custom steam disinfection device for all types of conveyors from 200 to 2000 mm in width. The Steamflex® unit is mounted on the conveyor by rails attached to the sides of the conveyor. The steam bridge is then set up and moved by hand.

Performances of the steam cleaning unit /

  • Complete removal and collection of production waste
  • Microbial and anti-bacterial treatment using steam
  • Recovery of condensate
  • Highly adaptable

Further information.

Integration of the standard steam disinfection unit designed by OspreyFrance in to a custom unit makes the steam cleaning bridge highly flexible. The SteamFlex® attachment system adds new capabilities for disinfecting food conveyor belts of between 200 and 2000 mm in width. The synergy between the skill set of Osprey, a company specialising in the production of dry steam equipment, and Lormac’s process engineering expertise, has resulted in the creation of an innovative and unique disinfection solution. Steam is capable of disinfecting all surfaces due to its anti-bacterial action, it can also be used to disinfect equipment of all sizes.