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Shrink fitting of abradable materials : specialised assembly machine for reactor rings

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Specialised shrink fitting machine for the assembly of reactor rings. The ring is fitted inside an aircraft casing using a shrink fitting process. The shrink fitting assembly process used in this application involves expanding the receiving part (the casing) by the application of heat to produce a robust assembly.

Requirement / A safe installation using a shrink-fitting process.

In addition to very accurate positioning of the components, the customer also required that the installation be extremely safe. As the abradable material is shrink fitted in a very high temperature environment, the machine needed to provide protection for the operator and other persons from the heat generated at the work station.

Solution / A specialised shrink fitting machine and tool.

A custom slide shrink fitting machine with component loading and unloading. When the slide is closed the parts are impossible to touch to prevent risks to the operator; the shrink fitting operation can be performed in complete safety. Heat is provided by heating collars designed especially for this application. Shrink fitting operations are controlled using a tactile interface and the assembly machine is easy to use on a day-to-day basis.

The machine’s performance levels /

  • Shrink fitting temperature 200°C
  • Ø of components up to 1120 mm.

Further information.

During the turnkey manufacture of this specialised machine Lormac also developed an abradable material pre-stressing system to allow it to be precisely positioned within the casing. A specialised instrument checks the correct execution of the shrink fit at the end of the process. The custom design of this machine is an illustration of Lormac’s expertise in the manufacture of specialised production machines and tools. Lormac satisfied the safety requirements for the machine during the shrink fitting operation and also used its expertise and technical skills to increase productivity.

Specialised machine for flowdrilling and tapping tubes

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Design of a specialised flowdrilling and tapping machine for the assembly of attachments on to exhaust pipes.

Requirement / Assembly of components on tubes.

Treatment of exhaust tubes to allow additional components to be attached.

Solution / Specialised flowdrilling machine.

Custom manufacture of a linear transfer drilling and tapping machine. The hole is created by pushing back and deforming the stainless steel (flowdrilling). This process allows components to be attached without the need for additional inserts.

Performance of the specialised flowdrilling machine /

  • Automated manual loading and unloading station
  • Digitally-controlled part transfer cart
  • Component referencing
  • Precise machining of materials by deformation
  • Smoke extraction
  • Dual drilling and tapping operation takes less than 90 seconds

Specialised forming machine

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Design and manufacture of a specialised forming machine designed to assemble components on a tube without using connectors.

Requirement / Assembly of components on tubes without the use of connectors.

Expansion of one end of a tube to allow attachments to be fitted without the use of connectors.

Solution / Specialised forming machine.

The specialised forming machine used in this application expands the tube by swaging (expandable rotating rollers) and is loaded and unloaded manually. Both clamping and transfer systems are hydraulically powered.

Performance of the specialised forming machine /

  • Flaring operation done in a single pass
  • Deformation control (expansion/thickness ratio)

Hydraulic flow rate / pressure test bench

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The custom hydraulic test bench controls the flow rate and pressure of the landing gear actuator.Measurements are taken by simulating real operating conditions.

Requirement / Hydraulic component checks.

At the end of the assembly stage, hydraulic component flow rate / pressure checks to measure endurance and reliability.

Solution / Hydraulic flow rate / pressure test bench.

Design of a specialised hydraulic test bench to check several aspects of the landing gear actuator :
  • Closed loop flow rate – Pressure regulation (accuracy <1% of full scale)
  • Speed – Position measurements for determining displacement
  • Specialised aviation fluid.

Electric servo-driven press-fit machine

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Electric servo-driven press-fit machine used in an industrial vehicle component production process.The assembly machine benefits from the latest innovations offered by Lormac and includes the patented digital feedback platform.

Requirement / Press fitting of car components.

Press fitting of various components for the vehicle industry including fragile parts such as bearings. One of the constraints of this application was to provide a programmable solution capable of fast production run change-outs.

Solution / Electric servo-driven machine.

Lormac’s solution was to provide an electric press-fit machine equipped with a digital feedback platform (real-time dimension transfer).

The machine’s performance levels /

  • Positioning accuracy of 0.01 mm
  • 50 kN pressure (as standard)
  • Press-fitting pressure control (value and position)
  • Capability of handling deformable and fragile parts using reference surface transfer
  • Run of 200 mm
  • Satellite spindle drives for greater longevity
  • Automatic lubrication of the spindle.

Specialised assembly machine: sleeve crimping

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Specialised assembly machine designed to crimp connectors at the ends of tubes.

Requirement / To strengthen the ends of tubes.

The customer wished to attach strengthening sleeves to the ends of tubes by expansion to reinforce them.

Solution / A custom crimping machine.

The assembly machine developed by Lormac allowed the parts to loaded manually or using a robot. The strengthening sleeves were press-fitted and expanded using hydraulic power. A side-punching process was applied at the end to provide extra solidity and a good finish.

The crimping machine’s performance levels /

  • 6 second cycle time

Press fitting assembly of a water pump

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Automated assembly line for the industrial manufacture of a water pump. The production line comprised 4 digitally-controlled press-fit machines, component distribution and loading robots and end-of-process checking systems.

Requirement / To assemble components and check products.

Assembly, press fitting and testing of a new water pump.

Solution / Automated press fitting machine.

Lormac designed an automated assembly line to assemble new products. Lormac staff used their ingenuity to create an entire automated manufacturing system including :
  • Automated distribution and loading of components
  • Design of 4 specialised electric press fitting machines and tools
  • Integration of 2 transfer robots for feeding and unloading of off-line stations
  • Addition of 2 off-line automated bolting stations
  • Insertion of 2 seal testing stations
  • Implementation of a pallet transfer conveyor
The press fitting machine uses a “gooseneck” assembly process with deformation correction and strength control.

The machine’s performance levels /

  • Capacity of each press-fit machine: 50 KN
  • Feedback platform designed and patented by Lormac
  • 9 second cycle time
  • Accuracy +/- 0.03

Further information.

Since this press fitting assembly line went into operation in 2008 total down-time amounted to less than one day, proving the reliability of this solution which was entirely designed and manufactured by Lormac. Over 7 million water pumps have been produced to date with continuous production in 3 shifts.

Automated oil filling station

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Automated filling station designed to fill motor gear boxes with oil.Automated dispensation through a nozzle ensures safe and accurate filling.

Requirement / To automate the filling process.

Automated filling of motors produced on an existing production line with oil.

Solution / Complete filling station.

Complete automated filling station handling the storage, treatment and dispensing of oil with several stages :
  • 1 underground station to de-contaminate the oil and maintain it at the correct temperature in a double-sided insulated stainless steel tank
  • 1 automated filling station with a buffer tank handling filtration and raising the temperature of the oil
  • 1 x 6 axis robot manipulating a special anti-drip filling nozzle designed specifically for this application

Filling station performance levels /

  • Average cycle time of 20 seconds with an accuracy of ± 10 g (mass meter), per 6 kg of oil dispensed for each motor
  • Automated processing for the various types of motor controlling the robot trajectory and information sent to the mass meter.

Manual oil filling station

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Manual hydraulic filling station for fast and accurate filling of motor gear boxes with oil.

Requirement / Accurate dosing equipment.

Fast and accurate filling of motor gear boxes with oil at the end of the production run.

Solution / Manual hydraulic filling station.

A hydraulic station providing storage, treatment (oil filtering and temperature) and dosing using a dispensing nozzle.

Filling station performance levels /

  • Accurate oil dosing (mass meter),
  • Compromise between filling time and air evacuation time
  • Ergonomic station

Specialised assembly machine : bonding of luminaires

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Custom assembly machine designed for the assembly of the components of a public lighting system by bonding.

Requirement / Automation of production.

Automation of the lamppost head assembly process (bonding of transparent parts to the aluminium body and bolting on of cable glands).

Solution / Automated bonding machine.

The assembly machine designed and manufactured by Lormac performs all stages of assembly in under 90 seconds:
  • Manual loading of components
  • Application of a continuous bead of adhesive using digital interpolation
  • Assembly of components by bonding and UV polymerisation
  • Automated bolting of the cable gland
  • Manual unloading of the part

The machine’s performance levels /

  • A complete cycle time of only 75 seconds,
  • 600 x 600 mm bonding runs
  • 1000 mm main digital axis run

Further information.

This specialised bonding assembly machine was the result of the combined skill sets of Lormac and Syneo, both subsidiaries of Groupe SUPRATEC. The internal provision of all skill sets required allowed Lormac to provide a complete custom turnkey solution integrating a standard volumetric dosing system. The integration of Syneo’s high-precision dosing system into the automated process not only reduced adhesive consumption to 80 kg/year (compared to 500 kg of adhesive before), it also reduced storage times required for the finished parts. Complete polymerisation of the bond using a UV lamp takes just 75 seconds and renders the part immediately usable, the previous process required 24 hours drying time.