Hydraulic lubrication unit for the steel industry

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Continuous hydraulic lubrication unit with a capacity of 5000 litres for the lubrication of steel rolling mills.

Requirement / Continuous lubrication.

Need for a continuous lubricant distribution solution to ensure the correct operation of production machines.

Solution / Continuous hydraulic lubrication unit.

Design, manufacture and optimisation of a continuous lubrication unit with a high-capacity tank, a dual motorised pump system makes sure the system operates on a continuous basis.

Cooling is achieved by a water/oil exchanger and duplex filtering allows cartridges to be replaced without stopping production.

Characteristics of the hydraulic station /

  • 5000 litre capacity tank
  • 2 x 630 l/min lubricant pumps at 3.5 b.

Further information.

Thanks to their expertise in industrial steel working processes, Lormac is aware of the challenges associated with this sector and the performance levels expected from production equipment. Good lubrication is synonymous with ensuring the correct operation of production machines and the quality of manufacturing processes.

Hydraulic power generation unit

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Hydraulic power generation unit designed for opening / closing hydroelectric dam check valves.

Requirement / Hydraulic control hub.

Hydraulic control system for controlling the opening and closing of check valves for a hydroelectric dam.

Solution / Hydraulic generation station.

Study and complete construction for the generation and regulation of hydraulic power including preliminary wiring for all component parts in an electrical cabinet. Tests performed at the factory using a programmable test automation system.

Characteristics of the hydraulic station /

  • 2 x 45 W motorised pumps mounted on a 4500 litre tank
  • Stainless steel pipes TIG welded by qualified personnel.