Test bench, testbed, custom control machines and tools

In designing the custom test bench, LORMAC relied on its experience acquired over 30 years in the manufacture of specialised assembly machines and tools.

  • Centralised project management : study, design, manufacture, optimisation and operator training
  • Multi-disciplinary team : control of mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics and automation
  • Quality and precision : ISO 9001 certification, 1000 installations, 0 returns!
  • Multi-sector expertise : vehicle, aeronautics, construction, mechanical transformation …

The sharing of all these skills allows us to manufacture turnkey control equipment meeting the needs expressed in the customer specifications :

  • Seal controls (flow rate / pressure tests, hydraulics tests, stress endurance tests, etc.)
  • Dimensional controls (part geometry, positioning before assembly, etc.)

Example products test bench, custom controls :

1. Hydraulic flow rate / pressure test bench

Hydraulic flow rate / pressure test bench

Manufacture of a custom hydraulic test bench for controlling the flow rate / pressure of hydraulic components. Simulation of constraints in real conditions, actuator displacement measurements...

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2. Tool checks before assembly

Positioning control fixture before assembly

Assembly of turnkey control before assembly. Specialised tool measures positioning and passage of easement pipes...

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LORMAC = Peace of mind, Safety and Quality.

As the control process was integrated into the quality process, particular attention had to be paid by the industrial production supervisors.

Lormac took charge of the entire test bench manufacturing project.

From study to delivery, including design, optimisation and manufacture of the control system, our internal skill sets can provide turnkey services. As a central project manager, each stage of production is coordinated by internal teams.

LORMAC’s expertise has resulted in :

1 500 tools + 250 machines + 1 000 installations = 0 returns