Specialised assembly machine : bonding of luminaires

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Custom assembly machine designed for the assembly of the components of a public lighting system by bonding.

Requirement / Automation of production.

Automation of the lamppost head assembly process (bonding of transparent parts to the aluminium body and bolting on of cable glands).

Solution / Automated bonding machine.

The assembly machine designed and manufactured by Lormac performs all stages of assembly in under 90 seconds:
  • Manual loading of components
  • Application of a continuous bead of adhesive using digital interpolation
  • Assembly of components by bonding and UV polymerisation
  • Automated bolting of the cable gland
  • Manual unloading of the part

The machine’s performance levels /

  • A complete cycle time of only 75 seconds,
  • 600 x 600 mm bonding runs
  • 1000 mm main digital axis run

Further information.

This specialised bonding assembly machine was the result of the combined skill sets of Lormac and Syneo, both subsidiaries of Groupe SUPRATEC. The internal provision of all skill sets required allowed Lormac to provide a complete custom turnkey solution integrating a standard volumetric dosing system. The integration of Syneo’s high-precision dosing system into the automated process not only reduced adhesive consumption to 80 kg/year (compared to 500 kg of adhesive before), it also reduced storage times required for the finished parts. Complete polymerisation of the bond using a UV lamp takes just 75 seconds and renders the part immediately usable, the previous process required 24 hours drying time.

UV bonding machine : automated rotor assembly

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Automated UV bonding machine, specially designed to bond ferrites to a rotor axle.This specialised bonding machine combines Lormac’s expertise in manufacturing process automation and the skills of Syneo, a company specialising in industrial bonding.

Requirement / Industrialisation of a new manufacturing process.

Industrialisation of the bonding of 4 or 8 ferrites to the rotors of a motor. Annual production in the order of 100,000 parts. The parts were previously assembled using mechanical techniques and the customer asked us to develop a bonding solution which would improve this process. Lormac and Syneo’s combined expertise allowed us not only to propose an innovative assembly process using adhesives, but also to automate production through the use of an automated bonding machine.

Solution / Automated UV bonding machine.

Lormac used their technical expertise to design an automated assembly machine with manual loading and unloading. Once the components to be assembled have been loaded, the rotor is handled by a 6 axis robot at the heart of the automated enclosure. The ferrites are positioned and bonded in place simultaneously when the jaws of the installation close. Operations involving the application of adhesive, bonding, UV curing and concentricity checks result in high productivity levels.

The assembly machine’s performance levels /

  • A complete cycle time of only 11 seconds,
  • Gravity-fed dosing system,
  • Automation of the assembly process using a Syneo bonding solution comprising a high-precision volumetric doser and two UV curing lamps.

Further information.

The collaboration between Lormac and Syneo, both subsidiaries of Groupe Supratec, resulted in the creation of an automated bonding machine which completely satisfied a customer requirement for the automation of their production process. Lormac handled all aspects of project management from A to Z. From study to final delivery at the site including design, operator training and shipment of equipment, Lormac provided the customer with a turnkey automated assembly solution.This bonded assembly solution would not have seen the light of day without the combination of skill-sets in bonding and engineering provided by the two Groupe Supratec companies.