Hydraulic groups and units, hydraulic generation systems

LORMAC designs turnkey hydraulic power generation solutions.A combination of hydraulic, electronic, automation, industrial IT and mechanical technologies is used in the creation of innovative and high-performance hydraulic generation systems :

  • All brands of proportional and servo-valve hydraulics
  • Pressure, flow rate and position controlled, in a closed circuit with P.I.D. regulation.
  • Precision filling of fluids using CORIOLIS mass flow meters
  • Test benches for hydraulic limbs (aeronautics, railways)

Internal provision of all skill-sets positions LORMAC as the singlecontact point throughout the course of the project.From the study / design stage carried out by our design offices, to manufacture and optimisation of you hydraulic power generation system in our shops, our technical staff will track the production of your hydraulic system from A to Z.

  • Multi-disciplinary team : technicians specialised in mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics and automation
  • Integrated manufacturing : machine shop, metrology shop, assembly, control methods
  • Quality of the system : precise adjustments, automated simulation
  • Over 30 years expertise : vehicles, aeronautics, construction, construction, energy production …

Examples of hydraulic power generation system products :

1. Hydraulic lubrication unit

Hydraulic lubrication unit

Design of a high-capacity hydraulic lubrication unit for the continuous lubrication of production machinery in the steel industry. Optimisation of a dual motorised pump unit ...

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2. Hydraulic power generation unit

Hydraulic power generation unit

Manufacture and optimisation of a hydraulic command unit controlling the opening and closing of check valves. Hydraulic power generation, flow rate regulation. Simulation and validation in the factory using automation systems...

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3. Automated filling station (oil)

Hydraulic oil filling station

Design, assembly and optimisation of an automated oil distribution station for filling vehicle engines. Incorporation of a robotised station on a production line. Oil storage and treatment and automated filling...

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4. Manual filling station (oil)

Manual oil filling station

Production of a manual filling station. Treatment, rapid and precise dosing through a distribution tube. Station designed to improve the ergonomics of the operator station...

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Each hydraulic group or unit made by LORMAC meets specific requirements in terms of energy distribution, hydraulic power generation, fluid filling, system control and hydraulic limbs.