Workholding System, part handling installation design

LORMAC designs and manufactures made-to-measure hydraulic and mechanical grip systems for machining installations and welding processes. In the study and optimisation of the installation, LORMAC can provide expertise in hydraulic grip systems as well as turnkey services in the design of part handling installations. LORMAC’s expertise in the design of part handling installations comes from over 30 years experience in the manufacture of specialised machining installations and hydraulic systems. Internal oversight of the entire chain from design to manufacture positions LORMAC as a unique provider of all types of hydraulic grip systems.
  • Multi-disciplinary team : Design office and technicians specialised in mechanics, electrics, hydraulics, pneumatics and automation
  • Full manufacturing : machine shop, metrology shop, assembly, control methods
  • Quality and precision : precision adjustments, repeatability of assembly, process cycle times
  • Over 30 years experience : vehicles, aeronautics, construction, mechanical transformation …

Examples of products and design of part handling installations, hydraulic grips :

1. Aeronautics hydraulic machining fixture

Workholding system, hydraulic machining fixture for aeronautics

Study, design, optimisation of a machining installation with hydraulic grip and holding. Double-face machining of an aircraft casing in single operation. Custom gripping and positioning adapted to the specific geometry of the part to be machined...

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2. Dedicated vehicle workholding fixture

Workholding system, 4 position installation

Dedicated hydraulic machining fixture with custom grip solution for working vehicle parts on a palletized machine. Design and optimisation of several specialised installations with 2 and 4 positions and machining in 4 and 5 axes. Custom crimping and positioning, through-machining...

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3. SMED rapid change-out interface

Plateau interface standard changement rapide SMED

Design and manufacture of a hydraulic SMED interface for the rapid change-out of tools in the machining cell. Single standardised interface for all production machines. Immediate productivity gains...

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4. Custom aeronautics welding jig

Specific welding jig, workholding, expansion part handling

Manufacture of an expandable welding jig for aeronautical welding assembly. Design of a specialised installation handling significant volumes of parts to be gripped (Ø>1500)...

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The design of a dedicated machining installation provides many benefits in terms of productivity and the quality of the end product.The integration of custom grip tools optimises the performance of the machine; not only is the production cycle optimised but positioning of the parts to be machined is also improved. LORMAC has now created over 1500 machining installations for production in vehicle construction, the aeronautical sector as well as production.

LORMAC’S expertise has resulted in :

1500 tools + 250 machines + 1000 installations = 0 returns !