Steam cleaning unit for food-industry conveyors

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Integration of a standard steam cleaning solution for conveyors using a movable device. With SteamFlex®, the steam cleaning bridge moves in a linear fashion on rails above the conveyor belt.

Requirement / Cleaning of different-sized conveyor belts.

Steam cleaning and disinfection of food transport and conveyor belts of all widths.

Solution / A custom steam cleaning unit.

The design and manufacture of a custom steam disinfection device for all types of conveyors from 200 to 2000 mm in width. The Steamflex® unit is mounted on the conveyor by rails attached to the sides of the conveyor. The steam bridge is then set up and moved by hand.

Performances of the steam cleaning unit /

  • Complete removal and collection of production waste
  • Microbial and anti-bacterial treatment using steam
  • Recovery of condensate
  • Highly adaptable

Further information.

Integration of the standard steam disinfection unit designed by OspreyFrance in to a custom unit makes the steam cleaning bridge highly flexible. The SteamFlex® attachment system adds new capabilities for disinfecting food conveyor belts of between 200 and 2000 mm in width. The synergy between the skill set of Osprey, a company specialising in the production of dry steam equipment, and Lormac’s process engineering expertise, has resulted in the creation of an innovative and unique disinfection solution. Steam is capable of disinfecting all surfaces due to its anti-bacterial action, it can also be used to disinfect equipment of all sizes.