Design of specialised assembly machinery and tools

LORMAC’S expertise in the manufacture of specialised assembly machinery is illustrated by their made-to-measure solutions in the design and manufacture of specific machinery and tools.

LORMAC scrupulously incorporates the constraints of the customer’s specifications and delivers turnkey production solutions ranging from single specialised assembly machines to complete fully automated production lines.

  • Centralised project management : study, design, manufacture, optimisation and operator training
  • Turnkey services : integration of standard processes, assembly process automation
  • Control of internal assembly processes : bonding, press fitting, shrink fitting, riveting, crimping, bolting …
  • Quality and precision : precision adjustments, repeatability of assembly, process cycle times
  • Multi-sector expertise : vehicle, aeronautics, construction, mechanical transformation …

Lormac takes all of these factors into account to provide industrial customers with ISO 9001 certified services and the peace of mind which comes with high-quality work.

Examples of specialised assembly machines :

1. Semi-automated bonding machine

Machine de collage semi-automatique

A specialised assembly machine for bonding components used in street lights. Automated application of a bead of adhesive, assembly of components, bolting on of cable gland, UV curing. Lormac included Syneo dosing equipment in the automated production equipment, Syneo is a subsidiary of Groupe Supratec specialising in industrial bonding...

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2. Automated UV bonding machine

Automated uv assembly machine (bonding)

A specialised bonding machine to attach ferrites to a rotor axle. Automation of the motor manufacturing process using Syneo dosing and bonding equipment, Syneo is a subsidiary of Groupe Supratec specialising in industrial bonding... Annual production in the order of 100,000 parts...

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3. Press fitting assembly line

Press fitting assembly line for automotive industry

Automated assembly line comprising CN pressing units, industrial part distribution robots and control procedures at the end of the production process. Study, design, manufacture and optimisation of the entire manufacturing process performed internally by Lormac staff...

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4. Servo-controlled electrical press fitting machine

Servo-controlled electrical press fitting machine

Made-to-measure design and manufacture of an electric press fitting machine with digital feedback platform, pressing pressure control and rapid change-out of the production run...

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5. Abradable shrink fit machine

Specific shrink fit machine by Lormac

Made-to-measure design and manufacture of a slide shrink fit machine Improved operator safety during assembly, shrink fit process launched via a touch command, special grip system...

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6. Dual-station riveting machine

Specific assembly machine : riveting and control

Made-to-measure manufacture of a dual-station assembly machine: riveting and seal testing of product. Semi-automated manufacturing process...

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7. Sleeve crimping machine

Sleeve crimping machine

Made-to-measure design of a hydraulically controlled crimping machine. Manual part loading, sleeve crimping, lateral punch reinforcement...

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8. Automated bolting machine

Automated bolting machine

Manufacture of a turnkey assembly station for bolting cylinder head covers on the production line. Specialised bolting machine and tools. Added productivity and quality control procedures at the end of the production process...

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9. Automated bolting station, industrial Scara robot

Automated bolting device integrated into a multi-axis Scara robot

Study and manufacture of an automated bolting station incorporated into a production line: bolt gun and multi-axis industrial robot. Bolt-by-bolt action, 18 seconds. Rapid production run change-out...

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10. Bolting assistance station

Manual bolting assistance station

Design of a manual bolting assistance tool. Precision assembly, ergonomics and operator safety. Setting up of the bolting spindle...

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Every assembly machine manufactured by LORMAC is designed to meet a specific set of customer requirements.

Specialised inline machine, specialised autonomous machine with linear transfer, with circular transfer or fixed station, manual assembly station, specialised tools … For more than 30 years, LORMAC’S expertise in specialised assembly machine manufacture has led to the manufacture of 1500 tools, 250 machines and they have installed over 1000 machines on production lines!

The machines and tools produced are powered pneumatically, hydraulically and can be automated or digitally controlled. The choice of power drive is exclusively tailored to specific constraints included in the customer specifications (reliability, maintainability etc.).

Our multi-disciplinary staff has all skill-sets and assembly procedures are internally controlled. By providing turnkey services, LORMAC is able to provide specialised made-to-measure equipment for any type of operation: bonding, press fitting, flowdrillingforming, shrink fitting, punching, riveting, crimping, machining, bolting, etc.