Automation of production processes, systems integration

LORMAC’s expertise in the automation of production processes and systems integration has resulted in 1000 installations of specialised machines, robotised stations and complete production lines. The engineering department uses client-specific manufacturing processes and standard materials in the design of turnkey solutions which meet the automation needs for production processes.LORMAC has consolidated all skill-sets required to guarantee the provision of made-to-measure service within an internal multi-disciplinary team :
  • Centralised project management : study, design, manufacture, optimisation, implementation and operator training
  • Turnkey services : integration of standard processes, meeting specific customer needs
  • Internal skill-sets : hydraulics, electrics, mechanics, pneumatics, automation
  • Quality and precision : precision, repeatability, cycle time, safety…
  • Multi-sector expertise : vehicles, aeronautics, agri-business, mechanical transformation …

Examples of process automation and systems integration products :

1. Automated UV bonding machine

UV bonding assembly machine

Specialised UV bonding machine for the automated assembly of ferrites Automation of the motor manufacturing process using Syneo dosing, bonding and UV curing equipment, Syneo is a subsidiary of Groupe Supratec specialising in industrial bonding... Annual production in the order of 100,000 parts...

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2. Complete press fitting assembly line

Press fitting assembly line

Study, design, manufacture and implementation of a complete automated assembly line integrating press fit units, industrial robots, bolting stations, end of process checking stations and linkage conveyors...

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3. Specialised automated bolting machine

Automated bolting machine, multi-spindle tools

Integration of a specialised automated machine for the assembly of cylinder head covers in to a vehicle production line, made-to-measure. Specialised multi-spindle machinery and tools, end of process quality control, simultaneous tightening of 9 attachment bolts...

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4. Automated bolting station, industrial robot integration

Automated bolting station integrated into an industrial robot

Implementation of a robotised bolting station on a production line. Turnkey solution with integrated bolting unit on a multi-axis industrial robot, bolts fed on the fly by a blower, automated change-out of production run...

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5. Integration of a steam cleaning system on a conveyor

Steamflex® : Custom steam cleaning unit for conveyor

Custom lateral movement and stopping system integrating a steam cleaning bridge. Installation over food conveyor for disinfection of conveyor belts. Ultra-flexible system covering entire length of the belt...

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6. Specialised machine, puncher integration

Specialised double punching machine

Design and manufacture and a specialised double-punch machine. Installation of the unit on a vehicle construction line. Industrialisation of the engine production process...

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7. Specialised flowdrilling machine

Specialised flowdrilling and tapping machine

Design of a custom production machine using drilling and tapping equipment. Component referencing, smoke extraction, linear transfer...

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The automation of a production process is merely the mechanisation of repetitive tasks. The industrialisation of a production process by LORMAC technicians will result in the optimisation of production. The performance indicators used in the automation of a process include increased productivity (enhanced tempo) and quality, improved flow management (lower energy consumption, fewer materials and storage costs) and improved working conditions for operators.