Specialised assembly machine : bolting of water pumps

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Automated bolting station integrated into a production line with rapid change-out of the production run without operator intervention. The bolting machine is housed in a locked secure enclosure.

Requirement / Automated bolting of a variety of components.

The assembly machine needed to automatically bolt together several types of parts while being perfectly integrated into the existing production line. The major constraints expressed by the client vehicle constructor included flexibility and fast execution of the bolting cycle as well as operator safety.

Solution / A Scara Robot with automated bolting attachment.

In order to satisfy the specifications, Lormac proposed a turnkey solution comprising a bolting unit fed by a blower attached to a Scara multi-axis robot. The combination of a Scara industrial robot with an automated bolting unit provided speed and accuracy in the assembly operation.The robot’s fast speed provided safety during individual bolting operations and kept the line’s cycle time to 18 seconds. One of the strengths of the machine is the fact that bolts are fed into the bolting system on the fly using compressed air, a result of Lormac’s ingenuity. The choice of this technology ensured maximum productivity levels for the bolting machine. Lastly, in order to conform to the requirements for flexibility, the engineers at Lormac implemented a part-holding mask mounted on a pneumatically controlled cart. Thanks to this system changing out production runs can be done automatically.

Further information.

In order to guarantee optimal production quality levels, Lormac equipped the assembly machine with a bolt presence detection system which also checks the bolting angle and torque. The bladed bolt distribution tub protects the operator from high noise levels (maximum safety); impacts between components are similarly limited.