Zero point SMED interface integrated into an ergonomic positioner

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Design and manufacture of several standard quick change-out models with auto-centring zero point clamping system. Custom part handling solution, integrated with the positioner for the safe change-out of all dedicated assembly tools. The turnkey solution (handler + quick change-out interface) provides productivity gains and improves ergonomics of working conditions for assembly line operators.

Requirement / Handling of large parts.

The aircraft assembly line requires large parts to be handled for riveting. In order to reduce the production series change-out time, the SMED rapid change-out solution must accelerate manufacturing rotation and minimise machinery down-time. In order to provide maximum production flexibility, the handling system can perform several specific part pick-ups. Lastly, sensors are included to manage information storage.

Solution / Standard change-out interface unit.

  • A standard zero point quick change-out interface and counter-plate in various part pick-up formats,
  • Rapid and safe change-out of dedicated tools,
  • Clamped / unclamped position management sensors,
  • A unique solution combining specialised part pick-up and an ergonomic handling unit.

Further information.

The quick change-out interface has two advantages : increased productivity and safety. The prevention of musculoskeletal disorders arising from handling heavy and large loads is one of the major ergonomic challenges for production lines. The positioner and interface reduce the effort required by the operator and make sure that the parts to be assembled are precisely positioned. The integration of a custom part pick-up solution in to a standard assembly positioner illustrates the synergies between us and Enomax, a company specialising in welding assembly support equipment.