Dedicated pump body machining fixture

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Dedicated machining fixture for working vehicle parts on a palletized machine (2 palettes) two spindles. The design of this custom clamping unit made sure that a maximum number of parts could be machined on each pallet rotation and that the cycle time was optimised.

Requirement / Custom part pick-up and clamping.

Custom clamping solution adapted to the geometry of the vehicle parts and meeting constraints in terms of productivity and customer quality :
  • part positioning accuracy (two spindles),
  • effective clamping,
  • maximum size constraints,
  • machining in 5 axes with access to multiple tools.

Solutions / Dedicated machining fixture.

Design, manufacture and optimisation of dedicated machining installations for custom clamping and positioning of parts to be machined :
  • 2 x 1st OP 4 position installations, both handling 4 axis machining operations: clamping and positioning of 4 parts per tool with holes in the baseplate for pass-through machining.
  • 4 x 2nd OP 2 position installations, all handling 5 axis machining operations: clamping of 2 parts per tool.

Further information.

Lormac’s experience in the design and manufacture of dedicated machining fixtures resulted in the “staged” clamping system for the 2 parts on the satellite installation. This superimposed positioning system allowed us to circumvent that maximum authorised volume constraints included in the customer specifications. This custom adaptation of the part clamping method gives the machine maximum performance.