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At the service of industry for over 30 years, LORMAC Automation provides turnkey design and manufacturing services for specialised assembly machines, machining installations, control equipment, hydraulic systems, ergonomic stations and automated processes. With a multi-disciplinary team of technicians and engineers specialising in mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and automation, LORMAC can cover the entire manufacturing chain from study and design to on-site installation, refining and evolution of your industrial equipment. picto-pole-mecanique-groupe-supratec-BDIn 2010, LORMAC Automation was incorporated into the Mechanical Division of Groupe SUPRATEC bringing with it its engineering and production skills. This combination of skill sets allows us to provide a comprehensive set of made-to-measure technical solutions to industry and to optimise production processes.

Over 30 years proven experience.

Since it was founded in 1979, specific LORMAC solutions have been machining, punching, assembling and testing products for all major vehicle constructors, as well as for suppliers, metallurgists and other manufacturing industries… LORMAC designs have provided improvements in terms of productivity, quality and safety, but there is one equation which illustrates LORMAC’s expertise and innovation over the course of the last 30 years :

1 500 tools + 250 machines + 1 000 installations = 0 returns

ISO 9001 quality certification.

Certification ISO 9001:2008LORMAC is ISO 9001:2008 certified. Each made-to measure product meets all requirements stipulated by the quality management system. Within the context of this standard LORMAC provides the following guarantees to its customers:
  • scrupulous conformity to specifications
  • compliance with the standards and terms of use of the sector
  • selection of components based on experience
  • control of results
  • operator training
  • after-sales service
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Innovation and R&D, more than just a philosophy

Innovation forms an integral part of the made-to-measure solutions which LORMAC has been designing and manufacturing for over 30 years. Based on the skills of its staff and the expertise and technological know-how acquired in providing services to major industrial players, LORMAC has positioned itself at the cutting edge of innovation. Numerous LORMAC projects receive positive feedback from the CIR each year. This is synonymous with technological innovation and staff skills advancement and is translated into ongoing research into the most suitable solutions through the use of technology. LORMAC collaborates with CETIM on a regular basis. 3% of turnover was channelled to R&D in 2012.

Technical and human resources at your service

Based at two engineering and manufacturing sites – Tucquegnieux (54) and Mions (69), the 36 engineers, technicians, developers, toolers, electricians and pipefitters employed by LORMAC will design, machine, assemble, electrify, pipefit and automate your installations based on a common goal : your satisfaction. Our design offices use the latest 3D CAD software (CATIA V5, Solidworks, ProEngineer). Our production sites are comprehensively fitted out: machining shop including conventional machines and CN machines, metrology shop equipped with a large 3D machine and measuring columns, an assembly and testing hall and a painting and finishing shop…

Depending on requirements, LORMAC can call on its subsidiary ALIATEC, also a member of the SUPRATEC Group, which can provide “low cost” machining and fabrication services.

Significant events in LORMAC’s history

Founded in 1979 following the award of an Excellence Prize from the Ministry for Industry, LORMAC Automations career path can best be described as being pragmatic.
1978 – 1979 : Beginnings
  • Submission of an industrial project for a Ministry of Industry tender
  • Award of an Excellence Prize
  • Founding of the company (Study and Execution of Specific Machines and Tools)
  • First 5 employees are hired
  • First customers
1981 – 1983 : Incorporation of hydraulics capabilities
The company enters the hydraulic systems market and hires 4 new employees (engineers and technicians). At the same time the Specialised Machines and Tooling business enters the Vehicle Industry.
1986 – 1991 : Machining, a new string to our bow
  • 10 new technicians and toolers hired
  • Development of a double-ended machining tower with the support of ANVAR
  • Design, execution, optimisation and 18-year operation (till 2001) of a 3 axis digital punch machine allowing us to supply spars for industrial vehicles on a lean supply basis.
1986 – 1991 : The Tucquegnieux (54) facility
  • Construction of 2 new buildings at Tucquegnieux with 1400 m² of floor space
  • Implementation of the first CAD stations for the design offices
  • 2 engineers and 3 shop technicians hired
1992 – 1998 : Growing trust from major players in the Vehicle industry
LORMAC joins the panel of the National Vehicle Industry and most OEMs.
  • 6 specialists employed in the areas of Hydraulics, automation and Mechanics
  • Implementation of the ISO 9002 V 94 Quality Assurance System
1999 – 2003 : An era of intellectual, technical and technological innovation
  • Development in conjunction with ANVAR of a new electric pressing process leading to a patent application
  • Implementation of 3D CAD stations in design offices
  • Acquisition of a large 3D metrics machine, a CN milling machine and a CN tower
  • Implementation of the new ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance System
  • 4 new technicians hired for design offices
2010 – 2011 : Alliance with the Supratec Group
logo-groupe-supratec-BDAt the end of 2010, LORMAC Automation becomes a member of Groupe SUPRATEC (50 M€ turnover – 250 employees – 50 years experience). LORMAC brings its engineering expertise to the Mechanical Division of the Group.
[…] Groupe Supratec includes 15 companies revolving around the supply of productivity solutions for industry and is pursuing a strategy of diversification through external expansion in adding Lormac’s services and expertise to its inventory of services.[…]
Extract from the Supratec press release dated 14/02/2011 – read the whole press release (in French)
2013 : Pooling of resources with 1GProd
LORMAC and 1GPROD, both subsidiaries of Groupe SUPRATEC specialising in engineering and production, have combined their skills and expanded their range of solutions through the creation of a single entity: LORMAC Automation. The pooling of physical, technical and technological resources gives the Group’s engineering offering a far broader scope. LORMAC’S vehicle production expertise, combined with 1GPROD’s experience in the aeronautical sector, creates unlimited possibilities in terms of the design and manufacture of production equipment and processes.