Machining fixture with hydraulic clamping systems

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Study, design, manufacture and optimisation of a machining fixture with hydraulic grip and holding. The installation is designed to machine the front and back faces of an aircraft casing in a single operation. Clamping is performed automatically to save time when positioning the part.

Requirement / Clamping adapted to the geometry of the part.

The customer’s specifications included several constraints requiring a dedicated machining installation with a custom grip system. The adaptation of gripping to the particular geometry of the part met the following requirements :
  • Machining of the front and back faces in a single operation using the same tool,
  • Part had “arms” which were not connected by a casing, causing problems when turning,
  • Multiple areas to be clamped,
  • Need for precise positioning.

Solution / Hydraulic machining fixture.

The fact that all skill-sets are available internally means that Lormac is autonomous and has limitless capabilities in meeting the most complex needs. The solution designed by Lormac, which was proposed and approved by the customer, was a machining fixture with hydraulic gripping and holding. The double-platform structure allows pipes to be placed between two plates so preventing retention of chips which may affect the precision of machining.The design of this custom machining installation allows stress to be placed on the arms without constraints or defamation. Internal safety system for the clamping system.

Further information.

The design of this custom unit for the clamping and positioning of an aircraft casing for machining required the incorporation of over 100 hydraulic grip cylinders.